CLI OCR Documentation Version 9.0

Latest Documentation: CLI OCR Documentation CLI 11

  • The documentation is also installed locally with the CLI-tool Version 9.0
  • This version is a snapshot for Version 9, please note that the new features are not updated in this pages, please have a look at the V11 version of the documentation.

How to use the CLI OCR

The command line interface of the ABBYY FineReader Engine 9.0 for Linux is represented by the abbyyocr9 executable.
Compatibility Note: V8 is 'abbyyocr'

abbyyocr [open image and analysis options] -if  
[export options] -of 
abbyyocr [options] -if file1 [options] -if file2... -of destination
abbyyocr [options] -if file -f format1 [options] -of file1 -f  
format2 [options] -of file2...


There are different samples of using the abbyyocr9 utility.

abbyyocr9 -ii -fm -if sample.jpg -tet UTF8 -of sample.txt
  • The sample.jpg file will be recognised in fast mode (-fm).
  • The colors of the prepared image will be inverted during conversion to the internal format (-ii).
  • The results will be exported into text file of the Unicode UTF8 type (-tet UTF8).
abbyyocr9 -if sample1.jpg -rl English German -if sample2.jpg -f PDF 
 -of sample2.pdf
  • The sample1.jpg and sample2.jpg files will be recognised and exported to a PDF file (-f PDF).
  • The sample2.jpg will be recognised with the English and German predefined languages (-rl English German).
abbyyocr9 -if sample.jpg -f HTML -hkl -of sample.html -f RTF -rmp 
 -of sample.rtf 
  • The sample.jpg file will be recognised and the results will be exported to HTML (-f HTML) and RTF formats (-f RTF).
  • The original lines in the recognised text will be retained during export to HTML format (-hkl).
  • The source page layout will not be retained when exporting recognised text to RTF format (-rmp).
abbyyocr9 -ipn 2 -adb -if sample.tif -f PDF -pem TextOnly -prl 
-of sample.pdf
  • The third page of the sample.tif file will be recognised (-ipn 2).
  • Barcodes will be detected and barcode blocks will be created during page layout analysis (-adb).
  • The recognised text and hyperlinks will be exported to a PDF file (-f PDF) as text (-pem TextOnly -prl).

Parameter Overview

The abbyyocr utility supports the following keys:

Step 1: Input:

Step 2: Processing:

Step 3: Syntesis & Export: