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Knowledge Base Overview

Knowledge Base is an information source on different topics related to ABBYY FineReader Engine CLI for Linux and OCR technology.


Online Documentation provides the list of all available keys and parameters as well as their usage description, which enables the users to quickly start document processing with ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux.
The users of the previous version of the CLI Tool can still access the documentation for the version 9.


Comparison charts demonstrate how the OCR technology in CLI tool has been improved over the time (V8-V11).
Furthermore comparison of different ABBYY products - CLI Tool, FineReader Engine for Linux and Cloud OCR SDK - will help you to understand which one is the best option for your business scenario.


FAQ section lists answers for the most frequently asked questions of ABBYY CLI Tool users, including topics like licensing, upgrade, installation, etc.

Tips & How to

Do you know what is the optimal resolution of the image to be used for OCR? Do you know how to increase document processing speed? The answers and recommendations for these and many more questions you can find in the section Tips & How to.

CLI Command Line Generator

CLI Command Line Generator is an online tool, which enables the user to easy fine-tune recognition parameters for the specific document processing scenario and it automatically generates the command lines to be used in CLI Tool.


Support sections describes possibilities how to get help on technical questions related to CLI Tool.

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