Test ABBYY OCR CLI for Linux for free

What are the trial licence restrictions?

  • The trial provides full access to all features, so that you can test the product completely in regards to
    • Installation on 64-bit systems
    • Features:
      • OCR processing profiles for different scenarios, e.g. text extraction or document editing
      • Built-in multi-core processing
      • XML Output
      • Office, ODT, ePub and HTML export
      • Highly Compressed PDFs & PPDF Export profiles
      • PDF/A-1 & A-2 support
      • Barcode recognition and others
    • OCR quality
  • The trial license allows processing of 100 pages (no time limit)
    • To activate the license, an internet connection is required
    • Activation via email is also possible.

How to get a trial license?

  1. Fill out the trial order form below
    • Please answer each question and field.
      ABBYY will only process qualified filled in forms.
      Don't type in useless info - then better leave the fields empty :-|
    • Please enter a valid email address so that ABBYY can send you the trial serial number.
  2. Download the CLI application, check the system requirements, install and activate the license via web or email.
  3. Test the application with your documents.
    Do not use large PDFs to start your tests - you might use up all pages before the document is fully processed – so better start with 1 page documents ;-)

Fill out the trial request form

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