How to use the CLI OCR application?

The OCR process is controlled via Comand Lines. How to do it? Below you can see two Command Line examples:

Convert JPEG document into HTML and RTF

abbyyocr11 -if sample.jpg -f HTML -hkl -of sample.html -f RTF -rmp -of sample.rtf
  • The sample.jpg file will be recognised
  • The results will be exported to
    • HTML (-f HTML) and
    • RTF formats (-f RTF).
  • The original lines in the recognised text will be retained during export to HTML format (-hkl).
  • The source page layout will not be retained when exporting recognised text to RTF format (-rmp).

Convert JPEG document into TXT

abbyyocr11 -ii -fm -if sample.jpg -tet UTF8 -of sample.txt
  • The sample.jpg file will be recognised in fast mode (-fm).
  • The colours of the prepared image will be inverted during conversion to the internal format (-ii).
  • The results will be exported to an Unicode UTF8 type text file (-tet UTF8).

Use the Command Line Generator for the easy creation and fine-tuning of command lines.

Want to try?

The latest version of the ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux is based on the newest ABBYY OCR technology and can be tested free of charge. Request a CLI Trial