OCR Integration CLI vs. SDK

  • ABBYY offers its OCR technologies on Linux as Command Line Tool but also as a full SDK:
    ABBYY FineReader Engine for Linux Technology Portal - abbyy.com
  • Technically the CLI OCR Tool is a code sample that is also provided with the SDK.
    The version that ABBYY offers online, has
    • installation routines
    • the options were fully tested

General Differences

OCR SDK - FineReader Engine CLI OCR
Usage No ready to use application,
Coding needed (C/C++)
Ready to use from the command line
Integration Real, deep integration into
existing applications
Integration on a terminal/script level
Feature set The SDK allows to set up the processing
an recognition parameters
on a very granular level
Limited feature set makes it easy to use
Low Level
SDK gives access to internal
OCR processing parameters and results
also “live” API to define recognition blocks
Access to the conversion results
“offline” in XML
Possible to get customized
Runtime licenses (Volume, Add-Ons,
Standalone/ Network Licenses)
Defined feature & volume packages
Trial 60 day 10.000 pages
available after signing a
Trial Software license agreement
Test ABBYY OCR CLI for Linux for free
Investment Initial SDK costs No SDK investment
Operating Systems
Windows, Linux,
Windows CLI Sample part of FineReader Engine

Feature Differences

The table below list some major feature/technical differences between the latest Linux CLI OCR tool and the corresponding SDK FineReader Engine 11 Linux. While the CLI Tool is designed mostly for document conversion, the SDK allows much more granular control for integration and processing.

OCR SDK - FineReader Engine CLI OCR
Bitness 32-Bit & 64-Bit Distributive 64-Bit only
Im & Export File System & RAM only File System
Document Classification new in Version 11
more on the ABBYY Technology Portal
not available
Business Card Reading new in Version 11
more on the Technology Portal
not available
Image Pre-Processing granular control of the parameters via API
recommended for “tricky” images e.g. taken with cameras
packaged in high level parameters
Image Processing Keys
Dictionary API possible to create own dictionaries via API
RAM Dictionaries
no API, externally created dictionary files with ABBYY FineReader (Desktop or SDK) could be used
Old Font Recognition for Gothic/Fraktur available on request for the Developer license
project based licensing
available only for larger projects,
please contact ABBYY
Field Level / Zonal OCR yes not available
Java Integration Java Wrapper of the FRE API available Custom management for JVM - CLI tool communication
Licensing Standalone & Network licensing available Standalone
Possible to get customized
Runtime licenses
Defined feature & volume packages
PDF/A-1 & PDF/A-2 Export yes yes
PDF/A-3 yes yes,
no atttachment support

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