Model Analysis

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9.0, 11

What is Model Analysis?

Model (page) analysis is a stage of processing, when page layout is analyzed to locate columns, text blocks, tables, black lines and pictures. Without model analysis, only pages with plain text can be recognized. Even simple layout consisting of two columns requires model analysis, otherwise the recognition results are incorrect:

Page analysis helps to avoid the issue like in the image above.

Keys for the control of model analysis

Keys –apma (–permitModelAnalysis) and –aprma (–prohibitModelAnalysis) are used to control page recognition mode when analysis module of CLI tool cannot analyze the page layout correctly.

Key –prohibitModelAnalysis turns off the the model analysis.
Key –permitModelAnalysis restores the default model analysis.


ABBYY OCR technologies in version 11 are already very advanced and in most cases the model analysis is able to analyse the page layout correctly (also the images above). Thus, these keys might be only useful for the customers, which still use the older versions of CLI tool than the version 11.

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