Step 3: ALTO XML Export Keys

  • Below you can find the description of the export to ALTO format keys of the abbyyocr11 utility.


  • New CLI 11 R6
  • Specifies ALTO Version.
Key Parameters Default
-av 2
- -altoVersion


  • New CLI 11 R1
  • Specifies which font attributes must be written to the exported file in ALTO format.
Key Parameters Default
-affm Full
- -altoFontFormattingMode


  • New CLI 11 R1
  • The coordinates of characters, words, blocks which are written to the exported file will be defined on the image used for recognition (which may have been deskewed, correctly orientated etc.)
Key Parameters Default
-adwndc no
- -altoDontWriteNondeskewedCoordinates
  • Note. Full keys are marked by italic.

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